Introduction to our chapter

NOTICE: Duane Likens, The Metaphysician, passed away November 2015 from a heart attack. He was 70 years young. Per his request, His ashes will be spread at sea, Hawaii, and South Dakota. He was a strong supporter of our chapter and his warm smile and wit he will be missed at our monthly meetings.


We are a Registered Chapter Of The American Society Of Dowsers.

The purpose of this Chapter is to promote communications, fellowship, and development of skills among any persons interested in Dowsing for enjoyment and to benefit mankind.

“Let the Harmony of mankind shed more light on the Art of Dowsing in Colorado.”



Dowsing is seeing the unseen!  It is an electro-magnetic charge running through the minor muscles of the body.  Therefore, your body must be in balance: polarity-wise, electro-magnetically, kidneys functioning properly, and your acid/alkali levels must be in balance.  These are the physical aspects of dowsing.

The medium through which dowsing vibrations are transmitted is Akasha or Nieonic.  The speed of transmission through this medium is instantaneous!  There is no conventional way to measure these vibrations.  This is the spiritual aspect of dowsing!  It is intuition coming from a higher realm.  Intuition is the language of the soul.  The dowsing tools are the instruments to measure/communicate with these higher realms – The Source, The Big Library in the Sky, whatever you call it using your own belief system!

There are 4 types of dowsing tools: L-rods, Y-rod, Pendulum, Bobber.  They all work equally well.  Normally, you will be drawn (more comfortable) with one type than another.

The question is the most important part of dowsing.  It must be short, to the point, and require a YES or NO answer only.  It takes practice to develop the most appropriate questioning techniques.  You must also use words or phrases that the Source understands.

The more you practice the more proficient you will become.  The more you Practice! Practice! Practice!; the more connected you are to Source, the quicker and clearer the answers will come.  Everyone is unique.  Some may take longer than others to feel confident and proficient.  Don’t give up!  Just keep practicing!

Another important aspect of dowsing is to obtain permission when dowsing for others or in certain situations.  Using the CAN I?/MAY I?/SHOULD I? technique from Walt Woods’s LETTER TO ROBIN is invaluable.  This keeps you out of trouble!

Please join us at our meetings to learn, share, and experience!  Happy Dowsing!

A Letter to Robin – A mini course in Pendulum Dowsing; link to a free document in five different languages..  NOTE: we have bound copies available at our monthly chapter meetings for $5.00.

Our chapter bylaws: MHD bylaws001