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A Golden BanquetNancy Bentley
Amazing Tibetan Secrets of Feng ShuiMadi Nolan
Ancient CodeEllie Drew
Art of Losing Your Mind, TheDr. Billie Martin
Biogeometry: The Egyptian Science of EnergyRobert Gilbert
Body Dowsing – How to Use Dowsing in Your Everyday LifeN/A
Busby Pebble, TheFrederico Marincola
Change the Energies / Change Your LifeJoey Korn
Chasing the Shadow of Free WillMichele Fitzgerald
Choosing Prosperity and FreedomRaymon Grace
Clearing a Path for BlessingsGladys McCoy
Create Magic and Create IntentionsSue Trumpfheller
Courageous Dowsing and Your Warrior NatureMelinda Iverson-Inn
Creating a New Belief SystemRaymon Grace
Diamond DowsingMarie Diamond
Dow-ism, The Intersection of Dowsing and ShamanismHeather Clewitt-Jachowski
Dowsing: A Gateway to IntuitionNigel and Maggie Percy
Dowsing and Working with Universal MatrixJoey Korn
Dowsing the Transformation InfluencesGary Plapp
Dowsing Triage, Exploring Inter-Dimensional EnergiesSusan Collins
Dowsing Unconditional Love AffirmationsGladys McCoy
Egyptian PosturingJason Quitt
Empower Yourself – Workshop A & BRaymon Grace
Everything About Map DowsingEd Stillman
Feng Shui and Space ClearingSusan Collins
French Coil, TheTony Gehringer
Golden Age, TheBrann, Darrell
Healing the Leaky GutGisela Hoffman
Higher Guidance Journaling Level IIJean Slatter
Hired by the Heavens – Discover Your Life’s PurposesJean Slatter
How Scared is Your WaterMelinda Iverson-Inn
How To Tune Your Apple for GoldEdward Bush
How To Help Your Kids SucceedRaymon Grace
Imagination, Dowsing, and Unconditional LoveGladys McCoy
Intuitive Energy DowsingNancy Clark
Legacy of Hanna KroegerGiesla Hoffman
Living in the LightMichele Fitsgerald
Living with Environmental EnergiesRobert McKusick
Messages From the Other SideEllie Drew
Modifying Unhealthy Patterns Using DowsingSusan Collins
New Adventures in DowsingRaymon Grace
Political Geomancy – Uses of the Earth’s GridChristian Hummel
Practical Applications of Dowsers BrainwavesEd Stillman
Prosperity and FreedomRaymon Grace
Quest for EdenMichele Fitzgerald
Raymon Grace Energizes Water IIRaymon Grace
Raymon Grace Energizes Your LifeRaymon Grace
Raymon Shares Stories of His Healing ExperiencesRaymon Grace
Santa Fe Eye Protocol – Macular DegenerationAlston Lundgren
Self-Empowerment with DowsingRaymon Grace
Shaman with a PendulumAdhi Two Owls
Silent Transfer of PowerMadi Nolan
Soothing the Spirit of the EarthMichele Fitzgerald
Super Dowsing and the Holographic UniverseGary Plapp
Time Travel – You Can Go Back in Time and Change ItSandee Mac
To Our HealthAnneliese Hagemann
Tuning Into Your Sixth SenseNigel & Maggie Percy
Unconditional Love From AfarAlan Handelsman
Using the French CoilBill Northern
Vibrational DowsingWayne Perry
Walking Between WorldsMadi Nolan
What Are The Odds of That?Michele Fitzgerald
We Survived 2012, Now What?Nancy Clark
When You’re Up to Your Ass in AlligatorsSusan Bryant