Monthly Programs / Scheduled Speakers

January 4Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts, Map Dowsing
Program: Hank Innerfeld, Take Charge and Powerfully Embrace Life in 2018
February 1Practical Dowsing: Ed Hurtado, Double Bind Dowsing
Program: Jack Roberts – Non-Beneficial and Noxious Energy
March 1Practical Dowsing: Jennifer Newton
Program: DVD - Christian Hummel, Political Geomancy - Uses of the Earth’s Grid
April 5Practical Dowsing: Greg Storozuk
Program: Greg Storozuk
May 3Practical Dowsing: N/A
Program: Chapter Project - Animas River and Impacted Water Sources
June 7Practical Dowsing: N/A
Program: Round Table Discussion - Dowsing Basic’s / Use of Tools
June 23Conference / Field Day: Key-note, Joey Korn; second, Valerie Solheim; third, Katharina Spurling-Kaffl
June 24Follow-on Training: Joey korn
JulyNo Meeting
August 2Practical Dowsing: Sue Russo
Program: Valerie Vessa
September 6Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts
Program: DVD – Raymon Grace, Energizes Your Life
October 4Practical Dowsing: Richard Herman
Program: Ned Wolf, An Exploration into Increasing Dowsing Effectiveness and Accuracy
November 1Practical Dowsing: Sabrina Nugent
Program: Ed Cluff – Energy Clearing / Stones
December 6Holiday Potluck Party