Monthly Meetings

2022 Monthly Programs | Scheduled Speakers

We meet the second Saturday of the month from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the Aspen Room of the Clements Community Center, 1580 Yarrow St., Lakewood, CO 80214.
Please note HOURS and ROOM change.

Masks are no longer required (as of March meeting), but for those who are not comfortable meeting in person, or who live far away, VIRTUAL will continue to be an option for the foreseeable future. Please email for a Zoom link.

January 8 Practical Dowsing: Loraine Burger
Afternoon Program: Richard Herman
February 12 Practical Dowsing: Sabrina Nugent, "Using Energy Pendulums & Chakra Chart for Balancing Your Energy Fields"
Program: Ed Hurtado, "Dowsers & Dyslexia"
March 12 Practical Dowsing: Dan Nugent, "Dowsing for a Person's Vital Energy"
Program: Gisela Hoffman, "Hanna Kroger Healing History - How Dowsing Influenced Her Work"
April 9 Beginning Dowsing: Dan Nugent & Richard Herman
Practical Dowsing: Jennifer Newton, "Pet Dowsing"
Program: Poly Cady, "Chart Dowsing Automobiles"
May 14 Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts, "Map Dowsing"
Program: Richard Herman, "Pyramid Rods and Dowsing Techniques"
June 11 Round Table Discussion
Beginning Dowsing: Richard Herman
June 25 - 26 June 25, MHD Annual Conference,
June 26, Follow-On Training,
July 16 No July Meeting at Clements Community Center
July 16, Practical Dowsing Field Trip, Dowsing for Water, Location To Be Announced
August 13 Practical Dowsing: To Be Announced
Program: Sue Russo, "Multi-Dimensional Dowsing"