Monthly Programs / Scheduled Speakers

January 3Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts, Practical Dowsing in 5 Easy Steps
Program: DVD - Jean Slatter, Hired by the Heavens, Discover Your Life's Purposes
February 7Practical Dowsing: Sabrina Nugent, Blind Dowsing
Program: Jennifer Newton, Pet Dowsing
March 7Practical Dowsing: Richard Herman, To Be Determined
Program: DVD - Nigel & Maggie Percy, Dowsing: A Gateway to Intuition
April 4Practical Dowsing: Ed Hurtado, Map Dowsing
Program: Sabrina Nugent, Miasms
May 2Practical Dowsing: To Be Determined
Program: Ned Wolf, Using Dowsing to Heal Chronic Illness and the Aging Disease; DVD - Michele Fitzgerald, Soothing the Spirit of the Earth
June 6Practical Dowsing: N/A
Program: Round Table Discussion, Dowsing Basic’s / Use of Tools
June 29Field Day / Conference, Key-note: Polly Cady, Speaker #2: Sue Ruso, Speaker #3: Adhi Two Owls
June 30Follow-on Training: Polly Cady and Company
JulyNo Meeting
August 1Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts, Find the Object
Program: Gisela Hoffman, Legacy of Hanna Kroger
September 5Practical Dowsing: Jordan Pisowicz, Belief Patterns and their Massive Effect on Our Lives
Program: DVD Melinda Iverson-Inn, Courageous Dowsing and your Warrior Nature
October 3Practical Dowsing: Jack Roberts, Map Dowsing
Program: Ed Cluff, To Be Determined
November 7Practical Dowsing: Ed Hutado, To Be Determined
Program: Bob Bixler, To Be Determined
December 5Holiday Potluck Party