Dowsing Rods

Tools may be purchased at our monthly meetings. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

ToolBlue Beads – Packet of 3
By Bo Hanson
ToolColor Film Deck
By Roscolux
ToolDowsing Fan Chart – Laminated
By Mali Magdub
ToolDowsing For A Happy Healthy Home
By Brenda Hunt
ToolDowsing L-Rods – Small$2.00
ToolDowsing L-Rods – Medium$4.00
ToolDowsing L-Rods – Large$6.00
ToolPendulum – Bead
By Jennifer Newton
ToolPendulum – Bullet
By Raymon Grace
ToolPendulum – Metal
By Hanna’s Herb Shop
ToolPendulum – Pouch$1.00
ToolPendulum – Stainless Steel
By Hanna’s Herb Shop